May 2019 : Science activities in the Centrale, Kara and Savana Regions of Togo

From May 7 – 9, 2019, MoLab brought science and technology to students in the Centrale, Kara et Savana Regions.

In the Centrale Region, CEG Bariki Sokodé students discovered for the first time the MoLab and participated in fun science activities. Many of them touched and used a laptop for the very first time in their life, igniting love for technology.

In EPP Akpité-Kaoukou, MoLab supported the inauguration of that school (built by the US Embassy in Togo) through games, puzzles, and basic computer and coding activities.

Finally, MoLab headed for the Hospital of Hope in Mango where we discussed collaboration opportunity for the benefit of the students in Mango.

For the new academic year, MoLab will collaborate with local organizations to ensure follow-up and create strong local science and technology team in every region.

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