Molab teams up with Female TechCamp Togo 2019

To continue bringing science and technology to students in rural areas in all the regions in Togo, MoLab has teamed up with Female TechCamp this year.

We believe that by seeing and doing, those kids will definitely love science and technology and form the elites of today and tomorrow. This is especially important for young girls in Togo, who are often underrepresented in STEM fields; because of this, it is critical for girls to see role model women who have found success in a male-dominated field.

Lycée Timbou (Savanes Region), Lycée Pya (Kara Region), Welly (Centrale Region), Lycée Amou-Oblo (Plateaux Region), and Lycée Davié (Maritime Region) will welcome Female TechCamp and MoLab from April 3 – April 9, 2019 for practical science and tech experiments.

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