MoLab’s Visit to Sokodé – August 30, 2018

MoLab was in Sokodé, the capital city of the Centrale region of Togo, for a series of activities with students in the city. Not only were students present, but the Lab was happy to welcome officials from the United States Embassy, including Ambassador David Gilmour, to participate in the experiments.

Students and officials alike learn from the MoLab
Participants give presentations of the scientific equipment to their peers.

In Partnership with AGO Media and RELUTET

MoLab collaborated with RELUTET (a local organization that leads the fight against child trafficking) and AGO Media to promote science and technology among the population reached by these organizations. This was an excellent occasion for them to learn to help themselves in their studies and to promote quality education for all, and to fight together to prevent the trafficking of children.

Ambassador Gilmour and his wife say cheese!
Jeunes élèves de Sokodé qui ont été sélectionnés pour un programme de trois semaines aux États Unis

Creuset and MoLAB

While still in Sokodé, MoLAB worked together with the NGO Creuset Togo  to organize an event for the younger children.

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