Camp Scientifille: A Collaboration with Peace Corps Togo

Camp Scientifille (a play on the word in French for scientist – scientifique – and girl – fille) is an annual camp put on by Peace Corps Volunteers that brings girls who have an interest in science from all over Togo to learn about the scientific method, do experiments, and meet strong female role models who have succeeded in their scientific studies.

MoLab visited the camp to enrich the girls’ experiences, giving them the chance to lead discussions on the solar system, learn to type on a computer, and see chemical reactions happen in real time, all while surrounded by other girls who showed interest in STEM fields.

All over the world, women are underrepresented in STEM fields, and Togo is no exception.  Camps like these give an invaluable opportunity to girls from small villages and big cities to come together, to see that they’re not alone, and to meet inspirational women who serve as role models during and after the camp.

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