Initiated by the US Embassy in Togo, MoLab (Mobile Laboratory) has been attractively designed by talented young Togolese. MoLab is a big bus equipped with science kits, games, puzzles and books for all ages to develop critical thinking, independent conflict resolution and team work in children. In the MoLab we can also find laptops and internet connexion and a 3D printer also designed by a young Togolese.
Moreover, there are solar panels on top of the bus in order and rely on the natural gift nature, renewable energy.

MoLab want to challenge the youth to have big dreams, love science, project themselves into the future and take up the challenges Africa has been facing through science and technology.

MoLab and its S.T.E.AM. activities, planned to cover all the regions and rural areas in Togo, are managed by a team of four youth Togolese. Its headquarter is in Kara in the northern part of Togo and it counts on the support of individuals and organizations to achieve its goal.